The Seasonal Essentials

This is the way forward for couples who would like me to create something beautiful for their day that isn’t ultra mega flah town but does frame the wedding party nicely, making your day gorgeous while going with the seasonal flow.  For more information see "Weddings" and "FAQ".


Form to select items, as follows:

Hi! Our names are: *
Hi! Our names are:
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Mobile (for texting):
(eg. Saturday, 10th of November, 2018)
The Leader of the Pretty Pack (Bouquet) $145
‘Mini Me’ Leader of the Pretty Pack (smaller bouquets) $95
Number of bouquets
The Dapper Spunk (Buttonhole) $20
‘Mini Me’ Dapper Spunk (Smaller Buttonholes) $15
Number of buttonholes
Petite Hair Accent (Individually wired stems to pin into hair) $25 Per Person
Yass Queen! (Flower Crown. Attach with ribbon) Adult $100
Yass Queen! (Flower Crown. Attach with ribbon) Child $85
Corsages for the twirling and flair. Wrist (tie on with ribbon) $65, Pin on $30.
Party Flahs (Reception)
All Party Flahs are in vessels that can be taken home or given away to special guests at the end of the evening. No need to return anything to me at QOS headquarters!
(collection of 5 amber glass bottles, varying sizes, with flower and foliage stems. Perfect to run along a rectangle table or cluster in the middle of a round table.) $55 

(table centrepiece, all round, in an upcycled vessel. Perfect for round tables, grazing tables, bathrooms etc.) Small $65, Grande $105.
‘Look at Me!’ Focal Pieces
‘Look at Me!’ Focal Pieces (forward facing super spesh arrangements, perfect to pair up at the front of the ceremony space / spot for speeches to frame you. Can also be moved to another desired location by Uncle Whoever or your Very Helpful Detail Focused Friend who Always Takes Care of Those Sorts of Things, after the ceremony to enjoy way into the festivities. Examples of other uses are the cake table, bar, a mantle piece, the grazing table, a sideboard, etc.) Again, all in take home vessels for you to enjoy after your big day. 

Middie $125 
 Grande $175
 Deluxe $225
 Glass, Ceramic or Shiny (faux) Gold Vessel?
Logistics and Fine Print
Please see faqs page for logistics and fine print
Delivery and Installation within Castlemaine and immediate surrounds $150
Please see faqs page for what’s included and fine print!
Thank you so much for your time! I can’t wait to put it all together for you! Hit ‘Submit’ and I’ll get back to you ASAP. You’re a huge step closer to livin’ your flaaaah dreams! QOS xo