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Queen of Stems – more like Queen of Clipboards!

I have a great deal of experience managing events such as weddings and parties and would love to help you feel completely unstressed for your big day. Every detail will be covered and you can just relax and enjoy yourselves. I thoroughly recommend outsourcing this task to someone who wouldn’t be a guest at your wedding – I will be 100% focused on making everything perfect without wandering off for a cake break or to pash on with some rando wedding spunk.


Queen of Stems. Castlemaine Florist. Wedding Flowers.

“Get someone to manage the event on the day, so you can really enjoy it. This is so important. We were fortunate to have the support of Laura Noonan (Queen of Stems, Castlemaine Wedding Collective) who was a godsend. That woman was a miracle worker; she kept everything on track and made the day easy for both of us. All with a smile, too. Even if you have a small budget, set aside some funds for this — you won’t regret it.”

- Ally and Harry speaking to togetherjournal.com about their wedding.



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